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New Executive Courses: Quantifying Sustainability/ESG - The New Sustainability Math for Business



The New Sustainability Math: The emergence and convergence of standards, ratings, metrics, materiality and measurement and what it means for business

This new interactive course will cover all aspects of ‘The New Sustainability Math’ and what is means for business.  As described in a recent article for Greenbiz, the course will provide unique insight into how the 'Big Four' in Sustainability Standards promises to reshape the way business and investors view, invest in, and report on sustainability for years to come.  

This new course will help executives understand and adapt to the “new sustainability math”. It will provide executives with customized solutions to help organizations find the optimal balance between investor, consumer and stakeholders interests which is riddled with complexity and confusion. Which sustainability reporting standards to adopt? Which rating survey to respond to? Which environmental initiative to engage with?  At the core of this challenge is finding the sweet spot between providing investors with the 'quantitative' link between its sustainability initiatives and value creation, while authentically communicating to consumers and a wide array of stakeholder the company's sustainability story through 'qualitative' communication.

This Master Class course developed by Mark Tulay (GISR and Sustainability Risk Advisors, USA) will provide the information, insight and practical tools to help corporate executives assess:

  • The New Sustainability Math: Benchmarking the ROI of corporate sustainability/CSR initiatives

  • New tools, techniques and best practice for measuring corporate value and value creation

  • Current and future impacts, risks and opportunities of the most widely used global sustainability reporting standards and frameworks

  • The investor perspective and the emergence of a new form of activist ESG investor - and what this means for your company and stakeholder management

  • Evaluating the business relevance of thousands of ESG metrics in play today: Translating the myriad of qualitative ESG factors into quantitative dashboard-ready metrics

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Choosing the right mix of metrics: What is the best benchmark to assess performance - performance over time, sector-based measurement, normative, relative to a baseline year, combination of the lot?

  • Unlocking the mystery of distinguishing Materiality from Relevance: How do the leading ESG standards and ratings determine what's material? How does this fit with your company's internal ESG performance benchmarking? How can companies engage more effectively in this new landscape to shape its future?

  • Time Horizon Considerations: What is the right mix of short vs. medium vs. long-term goals? Introduction to and impact of new initiatives that seek to foster 'long-term capitalism'

  • Role and influence of ESG Standards and Frameworks: How is the market likely to evolveover the near, medium and long-term? What are the distinctive roles and strategic fit of these emerging standards? What are the drivers and suporters for each of these and what does this mean for your company?

  • Deciding how to invest limited resources to optimize impacts, outcomes and outputs: What are the factors that should influence companies' decisions on corporate ESG/CSR/Sustainability Reporting?

Special Guest:

  • Sustainability visionary, Bob Willard, will share his 30+ years of sustainability experience in making the 'business case' for sustainability excellence.  Bob is not a consultant. He is a sustainability researcher, author, resource creator, and speaker. His Speaking Engagements Log lists the hundreds of talks, workshops, and interviews that he has done since 2002.  Bob will be making a special presentation tailored to this course.  

Space is limited for this small group workshop. Register HERE for London (Oct. 21) and HERE for Amsterdam (Oct 22).