Sustainability Risk Advisors HELPS ORGANIZATIONS:  

  • Measure, monitor, and quantify sustainability RISKS and OPPORTUNITIES

  • Identify KPIs, quantify impacts and scale up sustainability initiatives that deliver VALUE

  • Understand the confusing landscape of ESG Ratings, Rankings, Indices, Standards and Sustainability Reporting and measurement FRAMEWORKS and optimize ROI

  • Find your organization's sweet spot in sustainable INNOVATION through SRA's insight and experience in building new partners, platforms, standards, frameworks and programs

  • Understand the complexity of the 'New Sustainability Math' from the business, investors, NGO and stakeholder perspectives and engage this ecosystem effectively over the long-term


Sustainability risk management has matured from a nice-to-have ethical screening strategy to a must-have enterprise risk management and engagement program for institutional investors, asset owners, and foundations and endowments.  SRA works with investment managers and pension funds to identify, integrate and customize value generating ESG factors into fundamental investment decisions, risk management platforms, and engagement programs.  SRA helps asset managers and owners assess the materiality and signal to noise ratios of the 5,000+ sustainability indicators utilized today by sharing and developing best practices in integrating ESG factors into investment decisionmaking and providing customized decisions support tools and bespoke research.


Excellence in corporate sustainability performance is a top C-Suite goal yet quantifying and measuring performance and impact is challenging, uneven, qualitative and rapidly evolving.  SRA helps companies adapt to the “new sustainability math” by providing companies with analysis, analytics and guidance on key questions including: 

Which sustainability reporting standards should my company adopt? Which rating survey to respond to?  What level of detail and effort should be invested in disclosing sustainability information?  What are the best practices for measuring and quantifying sustainability impact and ROI? Which environmental and social factors are financially MATERIAL?


SRA helps organizations set performance targets and navigate the complex maze of ESG metrics, ratings, rankings, standards, and indices.  We deliver value by providing insight, understanding and awareness through SRA's proprietary materiality assessment and dashboard optimization tools. 


The New Sustainability Math: Standards, Frameworks and Initiatives for ESG Measurement & Reporting

The perceived confusion and proliferation, or "alphabet soup," of sustainability initiatives, standards and frameworks has created confusion and complexity in the market.   But value generating solutions and new standards of excellence provide new opportunities for companies and investors.  The emergence of SASB, The Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI) G4 Guidelines, The Sustainability Consortium (TSC), Integrated Reporting and the Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings (GISR) -- signals a tipping point moment in corporate and product sustainability reporting and measurement standards.  SRA helps organizations engage effectively and proactively with this next generation of standards.  We also offer organizational development services for new initiatives that includes assistance with strategic planning, partnership development, organizational structure, communications, development, and stakeholder outreach and mobilization.  Companies that embrace the new sustainability math and engage strategically in the next generation of sustainability standards will be better positioned to emerge as the future proof companies of the 21st century.

Solutions for Generating and Quantifying Value from ESG Factors

Setting priorities and focusing limited resources on the initiatives, standards, frameworks and ESG ratings that deliver value to your organization over the long-term is critically important to improving ROI and managing expectations. 

SRA develops customized solutions drawing upon over 20 years experience in the sustainability movement -- including work with leading investors, pension funds, companies and standard-setters, and NGOs -- to provide your organization with the information, insight and decision support tools to manage sustainability risk and create sustainable value. 

Mark Tulay discusses the Sustainability Standards Landscape with Darby Hobbs from AssetTV and Social3 (Click above to view video)

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